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Pioneering Excellence in Electrical Control Panels

Why us?

At Tredwell, we stand as a premier high-volume manufacturer specializing in electrical control panels, control assemblies, machine Integration, and associated cable assembly. Our expertise caters to the demands of repeat and high-volume original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and various industrial applications. With a commitment to excellence and precision, we offer a range of compelling reasons to partner with us for your project needs:

Industry-Leading Expertise

Tredwell stands at the forefront of high-volume manufacturing for electrical control panels, assemblies, machine Integration, and wiring looms. With a proven track record, we are the preferred choice for OEMs and industrial applications requiring precision and reliability.

Comprehensive Documentation

Our commitment to transparency is evident in our complete document package including Eplan drawings and Test certificates accompanying every control panel and box. This unique feature ensuring clarity and traceability throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Stringent Quality Standards

We adhere to European standards and regulations, subjecting all our products to rigorous electrical testing. This guarantees that our control panels and boxes meet the highest quality and safety standards, providing you with reliable solutions.

Extensive Industry Reach

With a wide-ranging portfolio spanning Water and Waste water, Data centre, Machine Building, HVAC, Automotive, Pharma, and more, we cater to diverse industry sectors. This versatility allows us to adapt our expertise to your specific project needs.

Seamless Project Management

As project management experts, we convert your requirements into fully functional products. This streamlined process ensures minimal disruption to your operations and a smooth transition from concept to delivery.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize collaboration with our clients. Whether your project is straightforward or complex, our team engages closely with you to ensure that your unique vision is realized.

Choose Tredwell for your manufacturing needs, and unlock the synergy of precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a valuable partnership that elevates your business. Contact us today to embark on a journey of superior manufacturing solutions.

Know us better

Discover our compact, CE-certified Motor Starter Boxes, precise panels for Food and Pharmaceutical sectors, and efficient BMS Panels for streamlined facility operations. Our modular LV Distribution Panels, specialized Water and Waste Water Industry Panels with real-time monitoring, and robust, scalable Data Centre Panels ensure reliability across diverse applications. Trust Tredwell Electrical for quality-crafted, industry-specific electrical solutions.

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Discover tailored electrical solutions with our expertise in 3D E-Plan Designs, Busbar Supply, and Machine Integration. Our precise Skid Wiring and custom Cable Looms ensure reliable system performance. Additionally, our Custom Panel Painting service provides a flawless finish to match your aesthetic preferences. Reach out to experience our dedication to your project success.

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Tredwell work closely with the market leading providers of enclosures, automation, control switchgear and connectivity solutions. We recognise the need to combine their technical expertise with our own design and manufacturing competencies. By working with world leading OEMs in a wide range of industries and markets, Tredwell have developed knowledge and skills that we can call upon when identifying the optimum engineering solution for a given application.
Tredwell work with local Universities and training organizations allowing us to work with the best and brightest minds and to seek to deliver new innovation to enhance our customers products.

News & insights
  • Transition in Leadership
    We proudly introduce Glenn Bain as our new General Manager, succeeding Stefan, who is retiring after years of dedicated service. With extensive experience from Tredwell, Glenn assumes this role with confidence. Congratulations, Glenn, and sincere appreciation to Stefan for his contributions. Here’s to a promising future under Glenn’s leadership!
  • UL50A Accreditation
    We are pleased to announce that our engineering team has recently attained the UL508A Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR) qualification. This accreditation officially authorizes us to design, build, and certify UL508A panels for both the United States and Canada.