3D E-Plan Design

We take pride in being at the forefront of the design and fabrication industry, providing top-of-the-line software for creating detailed and accurate electrical schematics. Our services extend beyond mere design; we encapsulate a streamlined process from schematic drafting to 3D model rendering and final fabrication.

Our expert team is well-versed in utilizing the industry’s leading software to produce E-Plan drawings that meet your project’s stringent requirements. The proficiency doesn’t end at 2D schematic; we further provide 3D layouts for electrical panels, enabling a comprehensive visualization before the fabrication process commences. This three-dimensional modeling aids in eliminating any design inconsistencies, ensuring a smooth transition to the fabrication phase.

Trust us to bring your electrical designs to life with precision, innovation, and a seamless process that takes your project from an initial concept to a tangible, high-quality electrical panel. Contact us today to discuss your E-Plan design needs and experience the difference of working with a forward-thinking panel manufacturer that prioritizes accuracy in design and excellence in fabrication.

Busbar Supply

We offer an extensive range of electrical busbar solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you require a copper busbar in full length or custom fabricated pieces, we have you covered. Our offerings are built to ensure optimal voltage management in your electrical systems, providing a backbone of reliability and efficiency.

Choose from our ready-to-use full-length copper busbar, or work closely with us to design and fabricate custom pieces that align perfectly with your project requirements. Our process is tailored to accommodate your specifications, fostering a collaborative approach to build busbar solutions that are a precise fit for your needs.

With our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, you can trust us to deliver exceptional busbar solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Our focus on high-quality copper material ensures excellent conductivity and durability, providing a robust foundation for your electrical infrastructure.

Contact us today to discuss your busbar supply needs, and experience the superior quality and customizability we bring to every project. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, high-voltage busbar solutions that contribute to the success and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Machine integration scaled

Machine Integration

We specialize in providing comprehensive machine integration solutions that cover all the electrical and automation requirements essential for modern industrial operations. Our expertise extends to integrating robotic systems and drives to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your machinery.

Whether you are looking to have new machinery integrated or require updates to your existing systems, we possess the knowledge and skills to handle your project with precision. Our adept team is proficient in seamlessly merging automated systems, robots, and drives with your machines, paving the way for an optimized, technologically advanced operational environment.

Contact us today to discuss your machine integration needs and experience the difference our adept services can make for your operations. By harmonizing the latest in automation and robotic technologies with your machinery, we aim to propel your operations into a future of enhanced productivity and precision. Our commitment is to deliver tailored integration solutions that align perfectly with your project goals, ensuring a robust, reliable, and technologically streamlined operational landscape.

Skid Wiring

We offer premium skid wiring solutions catering to diverse industries, delivering excellence whether working in-house or at your location. Our dedicated team ensures top-quality craftsmanship in every project, blending technical prowess with aesthetic precision. From meticulous wiring to colour-coded organization and robust powder coating finishes, our skid wiring services not only prioritize functionality but also visual clarity.

Our commitment extends to the use of industry-leading products and for order customization to guarantee the reliability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of your electrical systems. The attention to detail in colour coordination and the durability ensured by powder coating, adds an extra layer of quality, making your skid wiring both reliable and easy to manage.

With our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, Tredwell Electrical stands as your trusted partner for skid wiring services. Our offerings are tailored to meet your unique electrical and aesthetic needs, ensuring a blend of functionality and visual appeal. Contact us today for top-tier solutions tailored to your unique electrical needs, and experience a service that values both precision and aesthetics in delivering outstanding skid wiring solutions.

Cable Looms

We specialize in crafting custom-made cable looms and assemblies tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Whether you require specialized wiring solutions of any length or specific industry, we have you covered.

Our skilled team not only excels in delivering custom cables suited to your specifications, but can also incorporate printed markings on the cable looms, ensuring clear identification, traceability, and a level of organization that’s unparalleled. The added advantage of colour-coded and printed wires makes managing your cable systems efficient and user-friendly.

We are well-equipped to handle bulk orders, delivering high-quality, reliable cable looms on time, every time. The precision in our work extends to providing exact lengths, distinct colour coding, and printed cables that facilitate easy identification and maintenance.

Choose us for your cable loom needs, and experience top-notch craftsmanship, precision, and a dedicated approach to ensuring your project’s success. Our commitment to quality and customization is evident in every cable loom and assembly we create, guaranteeing an outcome that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Contact us today, and take the first step towards acquiring bespoke cable solutions that stand out in both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Custom panel painting

We offer specialized custom painting and powder coating solutions for electrical panels, providing you with the flexibility to choose any RAL colour that suits your requirements. Whether you are looking to match your panels to existing colour schemes or desire a unique finish for order, we have got you covered.

Our experienced team ensures a flawless and durable paint job, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and protection of your electrical panels. The versatility of our painting services extends to providing a range of finishes, from glossy to matte, in a spectrum of colours that can be precisely matched to your specifications.

With the additional option of powder coating, we provide a robust and lasting finish that not only elevates the look but also significantly improves the resilience of your electrical panels against wear, tear, and environmental factors. Our commitment to quality is evident in our meticulous preparation and application processes, ensuring a result that is both visually pleasing and durable.

We take pride in our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results that meet your exact specifications. Contact us today to explore our custom painting and powder coating solutions, and experience the transformation in the aesthetic and protective qualities of your electrical panels. Your satisfaction and project success are our utmost priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our service delivery.


Industry-Leading Expertise

Tredwell stands at the forefront of high-volume manufacturing for electrical control panels, assemblies, machine Integration, and wiring looms. With a proven track record, we are the preferred choice for OEMs and industrial applications requiring precision and reliability.

Comprehensive Documentation

Our commitment to transparency is evident in our complete document package including Eplan drawings and Test certificates accompanying every control panel and box. This unique feature ensuring clarity and traceability throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Stringent Quality Standards

We adhere to European standards and regulations, subjecting all our products to rigorous electrical testing. This guarantees that our control panels and boxes meet the highest quality and safety standards, providing you with reliable solutions.

Extensive Industry Reach

With a wide-ranging portfolio spanning Water and Waste water, Data centre, Machine Building, HVAC, Automotive, Pharma, and more, we cater to diverse industry sectors. This versatility allows us to adapt our expertise to your specific project needs.

Seamless Project Management

As project management experts, we convert your requirements into fully functional products. This streamlined process ensures minimal disruption to your operations and a smooth transition from concept to delivery.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize collaboration with our clients. Whether your project is straightforward or complex, our team engages closely with you to ensure that your unique vision is realized. Benefit from our extensive experience, whether in outsourcing or specialist contract manufacturing, and experience unmatched competence.